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MBA Games 2020

DeGroote students win top business school competitions

Our undergraduate and graduate students won a school-record of 15 trophies at national business school competitions.

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Mussa Gikineh

Bright side of life

Meet Mussa Gikineh, the 2020 valedictorian for the DeGroote School of Business, who always looks on the bright side of life.

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Megha Tretha

Day in the Life with Megha Tretha

Megha shares how she is learning online, offers advice to other MBA candidates, and how her views are changing about business.

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Heather L Main Scholarship recipients

Heather L. Main Scholarship awarded to two DeGroote MBA students

The DeGroote School of Business is proud to announce that two MBA students have been awarded the Heather L. Main Memorial Scholarship.

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DeGroote has a socially active student body with more than 15 clubs where undergraduate students have opportunities to connect outside the classroom, meet like-minded people, and grow together as a community.

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The network built during business school is one of the top benefits to earning an MBA degree. Beyond the classroom experience, MBA candidates grow their network, develop their talents, and learn new skills.

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Jennifer McCleary

During a truly unprecedented year, I witnessed many great things, despite the challenging circumstances. This year has renewed our sense of purpose and strengthened us not only as individuals but as a community. And though the past year has looked and felt different in so many unexpected ways, DeGroote's core community values – collaboration, innovation, and generosity – remained the same.

The Student Experience team, pivoting seamlessly, were retooling in a virtual environment and playing outside of their comfort zones to help facilitate innovation and support our key stakeholders – our students. From finding creative ways to support and engage our students remotely to creating and cultivating meaningful experiences and opportunities outside of the classroom, the team worked together to meet each challenge with true tenacity and grit.

Our students demonstrated just how bold and courageous they could be, turning hardships into exceptional leadership opportunities. Students came together to help build, connect, and strengthen the DeGroote community by launching new clubs, innovative events, and initiatives. Our leaders assessed how things were done previously and identified opportunities to reform and change for the better.

As we look towards a brighter 2021 and beyond, there is still much up in the air. There are two things I know for sure. First, this year's hard-earned tools and lessons will enable our team to continue to be more agile and better support our students. Second, our students will be even more prepared to lead and transform business and society.

Jennifer McCleary

Director of Student Experience