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The tradition continues: DeGroote’s 24-hour case goes virtual

The DeGroote School of Business hosted the third annual 24-Hour Case for all first-year students virtually. Learn more about its impact.

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First-year student Nijhum Saha jumps feet-first into building inclusion and community

Nijhum Saha has only started her first year at the DeGroote School of Business, but she’s already become an integral part of the community.

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Day in the life with Joycelyn Cheuk Chi Lee

Joycelyn shares five photos that represent her days of life and how she is getting ready for her next BCom year at DeGroote.

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Day in the life with Narissa Horning

Narissa shares her day in the life insights into her summer job, experiences on campus, and what she is looking forward to as an IBH student.

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Day in the Life with Rachel West

Rachel shares that her fourth year at DeGroote is all about inspiration, friendship, and making the world a better place.

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