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Redefining business through research, we are impacting business and society.

Research programs and educational courses are conducted in eight subject areas at DeGroote. Each academic area emphasizes fundamental theories and current issues in its field. Faculty members in each area are highly cited and publish in top journals. Collaboration with industry ensures that research is relevant and that student learning is aligned with professional practice.

We’ve highlighted some of the innovative research conducted over the past year at the DeGroote School of Business. To learn more about our research, we encourage you to visit research.degroote.mcmaster.ca.

A Message From the Associate Dean

DeGroote research is leading edge, inter-disciplinary and complementary to a number of wide-ranging disciplines both within the Faculty, across McMaster and beyond. Our research expertise spans management domains including Accounting; Finance; Healthcare; Information Systems; Human Resources; Marketing; Operations; and Strategy.

We have world class research chairs and centres that contribute to our research intensity and leadership.Our McMaster Digital Transformation Research Centre (MDTRC) engages in multidisciplinary research aimed at better understanding how the digital revolution is impacting individuals and transforming organizations and society at large. Our Health Leadership Academy (HLA) supports research initiatives which investigate areas of improvement in the healthcare landscape. Our cutting edge CFI/ORF-RI funded research infrastructure at the MDTRC, the Marketing and Supply Chain Analytics Laboratory (MiSCAN) and the Laboratory for Organizational Behaviour Research support our innovative research endeavours and enhance our collaborations with private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

I encourage anyone interested in learning more about the research underway at DeGroote to visit our research website. These are exciting times at DeGroote.


Khaled Hassanein
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Director of the McMaster Digital Transformation Research Centre (MDTRC)

Research Highlights

Flipping Gender Based Research on Its Head

When Erin Reid started studying workplace inequality as a doctoral student at Harvard, there was no shortage of research on the subject.

“A lot of studies asked women how they feel and concluded that we have inequality because women don’t like to work long hours; they have children they want to be with; their husbands have important jobs, so their own careers become secondary,” says Reid.

But Reid noticed something: Across the board, researchers had interviewed only women.

“There were almost no studies of men at that time,” she says. What if men also disliked working all the time, she wondered, and the results were skewed simply because no one had asked them?

Flash Sale: Examining the Ups and Downs of Pricing on Everyday Electronics

If you’ve ever wondered why camera or computer prices tend to fluctuate, rest assured it’s not random. In fact, one area studied by DeGroote Associate Professor Sourav Ray examines how sale prices on these common multi-component systems are determined.

“I study how prices change, and that is always a hot topic with the public because it leads to questions such as, ‘should these prices be regulated?” says Ray, who also serves as Research Director, Marketing Analytics, of the Marketing and Supply Chain Analytics (MiSCAN) lab.

“To answer that, we need to understand how pricing decisions are made, as well as what impact certain pricing actions have on consumer welfare.”

Continue ReadingWhy Even Bother Trying? Unpacking Why Some Minority Groups Won’t Seek Business Loans

Access to capital can make or break a business idea. However, according to the Minority Business Development Agency in Washington, D.C., minority business owners are less likely to obtain loans compared to non-minority owners.

François Neville, Assistant Professor, Strategic Management, wanted to take this one step further. Neville and colleagues Kimiyo Forrester, Jay O’Toole, and Allan Riding recently investigated whether certain minority entrepreneurs become discouraged when it comes to entrepreneurial activities such as seeking capital.


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Ashish Pujari

  • Successful co-applicant on Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence Project
  • Sustainable Packaging Solution to Advance towards a Circular Economy

Elakfi Hassini

  • Received the 2018 McMaster University Scholar Award

Sue McCracken

  • Named Fellow of CPA Ontario

Francois Neville

  • Recipient of the Academy of Management Social Issues in Management
    • Division’s 2019 Best Dissertation Award
    • “Essays on the Role and Influence of Top Managers on Firm Interactions with Secondary Stakeholders”

Maryam Ghasemaghaei

  • Successful co-applicant on a NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grant
    • The Car of the Future