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A Message from the Dean

Khaled Hassanein - Dean
Khaled Hassanein,
Dean, DeGroote School of Business

If pressed to ask what one word defined the DeGroote School of Business in 2022, I would without hesitation answer with collaboration.

Early last year, I asked for all of our stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners to come together and provide feedback on the future of DeGroote. Through an interactive and collaborative process, we identified opportunities for DeGroote to make an even bigger impact on our communities, both at home and around the world through five core pillars: Teaching and Learning; Research and Scholarship; Engaging Communities; Inclusive Excellence and Operational Excellence.

And now, as we prepare to launch our new strategic plan in 2023, you will notice the featured stories in this report highlight our core values of collaboration, community, inclusivity, innovation, and integrity – all values that are important to our DeGroote community, and to me as dean.

In 2022, we witnessed a key part of our history undergo demolition as we ushered in a new, and exciting future. Portions of the DeGroote School of Business, namely Innis Library, were demolished in order to establish the footings of the new McLean Centre for Collaborative Discovery.

History is important to me, and it is important to acknowledge our long-standing history as a business school, with a richness and depth that we cannot forget. In the fall, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our MBA program where faculty, students, staff, and alumni from the past six decades came together to connect, and in some instances, re-connect with one another.

Enjoy a few highlights of our collective accomplishments throughout the year. You will discover stories of students putting their learning into practice, alumni and partnerships that are making our community a better place, and researchers addressing important local, national, and global issues.


It all starts with teamwork and partnership. The ability to collaborate and work together to solve problems is more important than ever. As individuals we each have our own strengths and weaknesses, but when we come together, we are even stronger.


What makes DeGroote special is our community. We are a community driven by a collective purpose that wants to have a meaningful impact on business and society.


It is our mission to ensure inclusiveness and representation are woven into the fabric of everything we do at the DeGroote School of Business. We are proud of our diverse community where students, alumni, faculty, and staff bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to our learning environment.


Only by combining imagination, creativity, and a different way of looking at the world can we explore what’s possible. Whether it’s designing a new product, ensuring students have access to innovative learning spaces, or providing digital learning tools, our community is innovating and adapting for the future.


At DeGroote, we value integrity and are guided by fairness, respect, and responsibility. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are driven by passion and the desire to be good global citizens.

Entrepreneurship & Future of Work

Business, employment, and the workplace are forever changed and will continue to evolve. Our researchers are at the forefront and share their expertise on these topics.

Leadership & Sustainability

Leadership is an essential skill everyone needs to navigate work. No matter the job title or role, everyone can be a leader in their own way. With a focus on leadership and sustainability, our DeGroote community is trying to make the world a better place.

DeGroote School of Business

This past year saw some significant changes at DeGroote, from the loss of our School’s namesake to the addition of new faculty members, new partnership announcements, and recognition of excellence across DeGroote.

At DeGroote our curriculum, research, thought leadership, partners, students, and alumni are revolutionizing the future of business.